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Sacramento - Google News

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We suffer because we care - Sacramento Bee

We suffer because we careSacramento BeeLast year, an adorable young girl ate what appeared to be a harmless snack on an overnight excursion to Camp Sacramento along Highway 50 in the Eldorado National Forest. At 13, Natalie Giorgi suddenly experienced the symptoms of a fatal food allergy ...and m...[read more]

California - Google News

Google News

Dan Morain: California could be in the running for Tesla's battery factory ... - Sacramento Bee

Dan Morain: California could be in the running for Tesla's battery factory ...Sacramento BeeBut Musk still wants more stuff from California lawmakers. Sproule said California “can be a viable option,” if conditions are met. California would need to find suitable land and allow construction to beg...[read more]

Nation - Google News

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In Colorado, a Pot Holiday Tries to Go Mainstream - ABC News

Washington PostIn Colorado, a Pot Holiday Tries to Go MainstreamABC NewsOnce the province of activists and stoners, the traditional pot holiday of April 20 has gone mainstream in the first state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Tens of thousands gathered for a weekend of Colorado...[read more]

Music - Google News

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Android App Expanding The Music Realm - Guardian Liberty Voice

Guardian Liberty VoiceAndroid App Expanding The Music RealmGuardian Liberty VoiceIn the midst of many Android music applications, being different is not so easy. Bloom.fm has successfully become a popular and unique music app, offering ways to make listening to music more versatile than the many ...[read more]

Entertainment - Google News

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New 'Godzilla' trailer: See the monster roar - Entertainment Weekly

Zee NewsNew 'Godzilla' trailer: See the monster roarEntertainment WeeklyLegendary and Warner Bros. having been offering teases for the new Godzilla film for months, but we haven't gotten a good look at the latest incarnation of the monster itself — until now. In a TV spot unveiled Friday, the hea...[read more]

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