How will you be kind today?

It’s World Kindness Day, also known as Cardigan Day. Why? To honor the King of Kindness, Mr. Rogers. How will you be kind to your fellow humans-being today? Kindness is free and easy! Here are a few simple ideas:

Text Someone Good Morning or Good Night

Kick-start someone’s day and/or make sure it ends on the right note.

Wheel Out Your Neighbor’s Trash Bin

Give your neighbors a helping hand.

Paint Positive Messages on Pumpkins

What better way to recycle those jack-o-lanterns than with kindness?


It takes more muscles to frown, anyway.

Send an old friend some snail mail.

People still get excited to get mail in the old fashioned way!

Be a positive force on social media.

It will be noticed, appreciated, and will go a long way.

Pick up trash you see laying around.

The Earth will thank you!

World kindness day