K-Hits Mobile App

The K-Hits mobile app for iPhone and Android is so much fun! Here are some of the features you will enjoy:

  • Playlist: Have our playlist in the palm of your hands for those moments you need to remember who sings this song.
  • Live Chat: You can chat with K-Hits personalities as well as other listeners.
  • Rate Music: Give our music a thumbs up or thumbs down in real-time as we play the songs.
  • Alarm Clock: Set the alarm to wake up to K-Hits music.
  • Custom Alerts: Sign up to receive custom alerts such as contest alerts, traffic alerts, and local breaking news alerts.

Get the iPhone app in the iTunes App Store here.

Get the Android app from the Google Play store here.

Once you download it, open it up and say, “Hello!”



Time-Out Problem on Certain Samsung model phones:

Some devices have power-saving controls that suggests certain apps should be “put to sleep” and this can cause this app (and others) to inconveniently time-out.  Here’s the fix:

1-Go to Settings.  Go to “Device Maintenance”.

2-Select “Battery”.

3-Select “Unmonitored Apps”.  This control selects apps that won’t be suggested to be put to sleep.  You will see a list of apps that can use as much power as they want.

4-At the bottom of the list of “Unmonitored Apps”,  select “Add apps”.   From the list, choose this radio station’s app.

5-Close this up, and your app will operate normally.