101.5 K-Hits is having a radiothon to raise money for our local UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Joey Mitchell will do his morning live from the hospital lobby on Friday, August 16.

Learn about all the ways you can get involved below.

You can make donations in one of four ways:

  1. On-site at the hospital. Friday, August 16 between 6am and 9am.
  2. Online by clicking here.
  3. By phone: 877-719-KIDS (5437)
  4. By text message: Text the word KHITS to 51555.

Below are some fun things you can earn with your donation. You don’t have to claim any of these, but we’re offering them in case it helps encourage your donation. At the end of the day, we just want to raise as much money as possible for these kids.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The experiences below are only available for donations made on Friday, August 16 (item #2 of 4 in the list). Also note how many of each are available. Because multiple donations for the same item can come in very quickly, the below does not guarantee availability. We will do our best to update the number available throughout the day, but understand that something may no longer be available even if it says they are available at this very moment. Thank you for understanding.

Also… If you make a donation of one of the following amounts and you want to claim one of these below, send an email to Studio@1015khits.com with your name and donation amount so we can verify before contacting you to claim your thank you gift.

For a minimum donation of $25, you will get:

  • Your name announced with a “thank you” on the air.
  • Your name announced with a “thank you” on our website and/or social media.

For a minimum donation of $50, you will get:

  • Your business name announced with a “thank you” on the air.
  • Your business name announced with a “thank you” on our website and/or social media.

Below are more fun things you can get as a thank you for your donation. Note the donation amount, and quantity available.

  • $53 (3 available): Our resident animal lover, Susan Wright, will name your pet.
  • $62 (5 available): Rico will record your voicemail greeting.
  • $75 (1 available): A batch of Susan Wright‘s famous, homemade chocolate muffins.
  • $88 (2 available): Our resident gadget guy, Rico, will help you shop for your next smartphone and cell plan.
  • $97 (1 available): Jennifer Steele will make one of her 7@7 features all about 7 of your favorite songs.
  • $104 (no longer available): Co-host Joey Mitchell‘s show for one hour.
  • $175 (1 available): Helwig Winery experience. Two tickets to see Poco, Pure Prairie League, and Firefall on August 24. You and your guest will also join the pre-show wine tasting in the Helwig wine cave.
  • $231 (1 available): Join an upcoming K-Hits staff meeting. Yes, share your ideas with Joey, Rico, Susan, and Jennifer in person!
  • $314 (1 available): Four reserved seat tickets at K-Hits Rewind Fest, September 1st at Thunder Valley.
  • ???: Make us an amazing offer we can’t refuse, and let’s see if we accept it!