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How to get Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement- 

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In case you missed it, Here is what the Super Moon looked like last night!

Supermoon from Andy Bentley in California.

Didn’t keep your 2017 resolutions? Might as well blame your city-Image result for sacramento

Didn’t keep your resolutions for 2017? Blame the your hometown.

Sacramento ranks 32nd on the list of best cities for keeping New Year’s resolutions, according to WalletHub rankings. That puts Sacramento ahead of most cities. Residents of Stockton and Modesto, on the other hand, need to work on keeping their resolutions as the two ranked 145 and 115, respectively.  For more click here! 


Today I signed up for my good friend Spencer Hughes’s Daily Podcast and I invite you to do the same! He’s very talented, informed and will make you think!

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