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Here’s a little Country Music Video Demo that I filmed back in the 90’s! Enjoy! (I think….. LOL)

There’s New “Smart Underwear” That Reacts to Your Body by Changing Your Thermostat, Music, and More!

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A company just released a line of SMART UNDERWEAR.  They have sensors that read your heart rate, temperature, and more . . . and then interact with other smart devices in your house, like automatically changing the thermostat.  If you’re interested, you can pre-order . . . but it’s $279 for four pairs. If you’re interested, you can pre-order now at . . . that’s “Skiin” with two i’s.  The underwear will ship this summer.


Jennifer Lopez Returning to ‘Will & Grace’ to Play Two Different Roles

Jenny from the Block is reuniting with Jack, Will, Grace and Karen once again! Jennifer Lopez is set to guest-star in an upcoming episode of Will & Grace in two separate roles: She’ll play herself and Harlee Santos, the NYPD detective she plays on NBC’s Shades of Blue.

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Sacramento puppies lift spirits of woman battling cancer-

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