ANNOUNCEMENT: New K-Hits Club Is Here

Effective February 1, 2018, there is a new K-Hits Club. You will still be able to play trivia and take surveys to earn points, and there will be more opportunities to spend your points on prizes and experiences. Here are answers to some likely questions you may have:

  • Will my points transfer to the new club? Yes. They may not be available on day 1, but they will be available in your new club account in short order.
  • Will my username be the same? Unless your current username is your email address, then it will not be the same. The new club uses your email address for login purposes.
  • Will my password be the same? No. For security reasons, we do not store passwords. When the new club is setup, you will get an email that will have a special link to click. That link will lead you to the right place to setup a new password and activate your new account. If you can’t wait for the email, feel free to visit the K-Hits Club page by clicking here and reset your password.
  • Will my account information transfer? Yes, information such as you name, address, phone number, email address, and points balance will transfer to the new club.
  • Should I setup a new account in the new club? No. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. Also, we will not be able to give you your missing points if you create a new account. You need to keep the same account with the same email address.
  • Will there any downtime? Our goal is to have no down time, but we cannot guarantee that. We are at the mercy of technology and human error. If there is downtime, please trust that we will be working feverishly to get back online. We will greatly appreciate your patience should there be any interruption of service. If there is, it will be as short as humanly possible. 🙂
  • What if I recently bought a prize with my points in the old club, but have not picked it up? Come pick it upClick here for our address, hours, and office phone number.

Now, for a few features we are excited about in the new K-Hits Club:

  • Mobile friendly! The new K-Hits Club features (trivia, surveys, contests, etc.) will be mobile friendly, so interacting on your smartphone or tablet will be a much easier experience.
  • More Prizes! Yes, lots more prizes. Starting on day one we will have a chance for you to win a $4,000 New York Shopping Spree sweepstakes. This is just one example of a monthly sweepstakes we’ll have available to you.
  • Easier to enter! It will be much easier to enter raffles in the new K-Hits Club. You’ll no longer have to buy your entries one at a time. Yay!
  • More points! You will have more opportunities to earn points, and those opportunities will be worth more points! Since there will be more prizes, we want to be sure you can earn points for taking surveys, visiting the local businesses who support K-Hits, and attending local events.