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Jennifer Steele Hope your Monday has been good so far! I, like many people today, was caught by a clock not set ahead for the time change this morning! LOVE that feeling- Not! But seriously the time change can wreak havoc on people, so if you found yourself a bit discombobulated this morning, you were not alone!

A little something for Titantic & Betales Fans in today’s blog! Enjoy!

Deleted ‘Titanic’ Scene Will Make You Scream “I’ll Never Let Go”!

The Beatles: Hundreds of unseen photos show early US concerts! 

Two days after the television appearance, on 11 February 1964, the Beatles’ first U.S. concert took place, at Washington Coliseum, a sports arena in Washington, D.C. The concert was attended by eight thousand fans! See some footage from the show below and after that a link to a story about hundreds of new photos from their early US Tours!

More than 350 previously unseen photos of The Beatles’ at two early US shows have come to light and are to be sold.

Mike Mitchell captured the Fab Four arriving at the venues, at pre-show press conferences and on stage in Washington DC and Baltimore in 1964. See the full story here! 


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