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Jennifer Steele The Luck O The Irish Be With You & Yours! Here’s an Irish Blessing For You!

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I thought we would have fun for St. Patrick’s Day in today’s Blog, so here we go!Image result for Irish Fun Facts


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St. Patrick’s Day Knock Knock Jokes

  1. Knock Knock …. Who’s there? ….Irish!… Irish Who? …. Irish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  2. Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? …. Because they’re always a little short.
  3. Why don’t you iron 4-Leaf clovers? …. Because you don’t want to press your luck.
  4. How is a best friend like a 4-leaf clover?…. Because they are hard to find and lucky to have.
  5. How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time? …. He’s Dublin over with laughter!
  6. What did the leprechaun do for a living?… He was a short-order cook!
  7. Are people jealous of the Irish?… Sure, they’re green with envy!
  8. How did the leprechaun beat the Irishman to the pot of gold?… He took a shortcut!
  9. What do you call a big Irish spider?… A Paddy long legs.
  10. On what musical instrument did the showoff musician play his St. Patrick’s Day tunes?… On his brag-pipes.


Weekday Warriors

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Good Vibes!

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