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Jennifer Steele Hi! It’s always fun to see pics of stars before they were famous and today I found a link to a story featuring Madonna right before she rose to stardom! Plus,  two weirdo Kings fans attract national attention for a gross snack- Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Enjoy!

Candid photos of pre-fame Madonna in 80s New York! 

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Just one month before Madonna rose to fame in 1983, photographer Richard Corman captured her soon to be iconic charm in her quaint, lower-East side apartment. It was a fleeting moment, one where the world did not know Madonna, yet a 24-year-old Madonna knew the world. This is Madonna just 30 days before she rose to be one of the world’s greatest icons. See pictures and the rest of the story here!

Kings fans create mass confusion by eating mayo straight from the jar during game !

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Concessions at professional sports games can get pricey, so it’s not surprising when fans choose to smuggle in their own snacks.

Captured on TV broadcast as the Kings hosted the Detroit Pistons, two women appear jovial as they take turns eating spoonfuls of what appears to be mayo. The condiment crusader proudly displays the jar, label out, for the camera to see. Then, she offers the jar to her Kings-hat-wearing companion, who tries the stuff with no hesitation, shrugs and then appears to say, “It’s OK.”….. See the full story here! 

Weekday Warriors

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Good Vibes!

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