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Jennifer Steele Just in time for the weekend, PUPPIES!!!! Also, I thought, no matter what your relationship status, this story could apply to you at some point! LOL So here we go!

Foods That Lower Your Sex Drive!

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When you finally get a date night and you’re looking forward to Ya know…. , the last thing you want to do is derail your good time by eating or drinking something that could throw you off your game. You know how there are some foods that can boost your sex drive? Well, some can do the complete opposite, making it hard to enjoy ! So don’t eat or drink these before a romantic night. #1 on the list is Alcohol, followed by Microwave Popcorn! See the full list here!   

It’s National Puppy Day!!!!!!!!! Can I get an “Awwwwwwwww”? 

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Looking for some Fun Facts about puppies?? Try this one:  12 Scientifically Cute Facts About Puppies  

And, if you cannot get enough of puppies, check out this website!! The Daily Puppy! 

Weekday Warriors

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Good Vibes!

Golden Retriever Puppies Funny Compilation #2 – Best of 2017

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