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Jennifer Steele  Let’s talk about entertainment since it’s the weekend! 

Here’s Your First Look At Stranger Things 3!



MoviePass Kills Repeat and Unlimited Movies, and Will Cost You $10 More Each Month If You’re Not Careful-

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While MoviePass remains $9.95 per month for an annual subscription, there’s two significant changes to the terms of service, both designed to throttle the number of MoviePass users in theaters. Where subscribers could once see a movie every day, they’re now capped at four tickets per month. To read more, click here! 

SOS! Will Abba’s new music live up to their legacy?

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It’s hard to imagine now but, once upon a time, people hated Abba.

Those spangly satin jumpsuits, their Eurovision origins, the wedding disco ubiquity of Dancing Queen – they all conspired to consign Abba to the cheesy-smelling scrapheap of pop.

The band were frequently misunderstood as kitsch because they wrote soft, optimistic pop songs…. For more click here! 

Weekday Warriors

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Today’s Spotlight Is On:


Nonprofit Day at Denio’s! See what tools and resources our community has to offer.  April 29th, 10am-3:00pm. Are you part of a nonprofit? Reserve your free space today and share with our thousands of visitors what you do and how the community benefits!

To register for the event, or get more info,  click here.

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