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Jennifer Steele

Jennifer Steele

 My Dad is a huge Coca-Cola fan- It’s the only soda he will drink… Don’t even try to sneak a Pepsi by him! Ever! If you have a similar love of Coca Cola then you will love that today is……

National “Have a Coke” Day . . . Here Are Some New Stats on Our Coke Preferences!

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1.  67% of people say their favorite type of Coke is straight-up Coca-Cola Classic.  16% like Diet Coke the most . . . 10% Mexican Coke . . . and 8% Coke Zero.

2.  The most popular way to drink Coke is out of a glass bottle, at 34%.  Cans got 24% . . . fountain soda got 21% . . . and plastic bottles got 21%.Image result for Clip art free coca cola

3.  And our five favorite foods to eat with Coke are:  Burgers . . . pizza . . . French fries . . . chicken wings . . . and tacos.

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More Mother’s Day Ideas! 

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Mother’s Day Trains!

This Mother’s Day, celebrate Mom with a relaxing train ride. If you have never been on one of their trains you are in for a real treat! For more info click here! 


In Case You Missed It Yesterday!

Want to impress Mom this year? Read on! 

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This Mother’s Day, ask yourself a simple question: What would Billy Joel do? Send a card? Play a song? This year, you can team up with the Piano Man to do both! Read more here! 



Weekday Warriors

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Today’s Spotlight Is On:

Hoppy Hour in the Garden in Sacramento!

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May 17, 2018, Thursday   5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services

3308 3rd Avenue, Sacramento, California 95817

Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) invites you to a fun night with food, beer and wine from Hoppy Brewing Company. Enjoy SFBFS’ beautiful Demonstration Garden, take a tour of our facility and support the organization with a donation!

Cost: Free , Donations-  For More Info, Click here! 

Don’t forget to check out “The 80’s at 8” at 8am & 8pm M-F!

Request your favorite 80’s song or become a guest DJ by visiting our

“80’s at 8” page here.

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