It’s Wet Nose Wednesday with Queenie!

Queenie is such a sweet girl!

Queenie (aka Batgirl) facts:

  • She is a 5 year old Pit Bull Terrier who loves belly rubs and sunshine.
  • Queenie would do well with a smaller male dog in the house and has participated in playgroups at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.
  • She was very happy to see everyone she met, while at K-HITS.
  • Queenie was adopted and loved by a family; but not by the family’s cat, so she was returned. 🙁
  • She has medium energy and would do well with walks and runs.
  • Queenie is good on a leash and is treat motivated. She’s great in a car.
  • Are you the right family for Queenie? She’s currently at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter! Click here to see more about Queenie!