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Like so many people this year I was the victim of a really bad sinus infectionImage result for emoji tissue and forced to stay home all last week! I’m glad to be back on the air & back at work! I did manage to wake up in time to watch the Royal Wedding live & I thought it was fabulous! Here’s to a great Monday & today’s Blog is a mixture of food, music & mussings about the wedding-  Enjoy!

Jennifer Steele   Jennifer Steele


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Official Wedding Portraits Were Just Released!

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Click here to see! 

Why Did Guests Laugh At The Royal Wedding? Something Made The Crowd Chuckle! Click here for more! Image result for mouth laughing clip art'


McDonald’s has a new jingle — and it’s insanely catchy! Watch the video here!

 McDonald’s is offering free breakfast for a year to a few lucky people who respond to the new jam on social media! Click Here for more! 

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In honor of those who have also been stuck at home sick recently…… 11 Things To Do When You’re Home Sick!  Click here! 

Weekday Warriors

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Memorial Day Car Show- Vettes & Vets

in Sacramento!

May 28, 2018Monday   9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

California Automobile Museum

2200 Front Street
Sacramento, California 95818

Music, a military color guard and national anthem, vendors, food available for purchase, and more! Cars will be judged in several different categories, including best Corvette, Veteran-owned, and new this year, a kid’s judging category!

Don’t forget to check out “The 80’s at 8” at 8am & 8pm M-F!

Request your favorite 80’s song or become a guest DJ by visiting our

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