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Well you made it to Image result for wednesday! Congrats! In 2 more days you will be sipping a cold one in a crowded bar wishing you would have saved your paycheck and stayed home with your dog!! LOL Or you may choose the later anyway! I would!

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Sleeping in on the weekends might prevent an early death!

Related imageWe’re all prone to a long lie-in on the weekends, especially when we’ve spent the week getting crummy sleep. That’s a habit which could turn out to be beneficial. According to a study by Swedish and U.S. researchers, people under the age of 65 who get less than five hours sleep on the weekend had an increased risk of death! Click here for more! 

Everything You Need to Know About Solo: A Star Wars Story!

Image result for han solo clipartThere’s a new Star Wars movie out this week! The Last Jedi might still feel fresh in your mind, but Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in just two days. Not been following all the news and reveals from the young Han Solo biopic? Here’s a list of all of the officially released info (no spoilers!) so you’re fully prepped to visit the seedier side of a galaxy far, far away this weekend! Click here! 


Bonus Fun!  Become Pun with The Force!

Q: Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files?

A: Adobe Wan Kenobi

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Click here for more!  20 Corny ‘Star Wars’ Jokes for Any Occasion

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1st Annual Fair Oaks Village Benefit BBQ in Fair Oaks!

June 2, 2018Saturday   6:00 PM

The BBQ Pro

10136 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Fair Oaks, California 95628

Join your neighbors for a night of great food and awesome music to benefit Fair Oaks Village. Your donation will go directly to fund FOVEC projects that enhance the Fair Oaks Village.

Don’t forget to check out “The 80’s at 8” at 8am & 8pm M-F!

Request your favorite 80’s song or become a guest DJ by visiting our

“80’s at 8” page here.

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