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40 years really? Since the B-52’s broke onto the scene? Today we celebrate their infinite coolness & classic Bee-hives which made us all want to build a funky little love shack to party in!

Jennifer Steele   Jennifer Steele


The B-52s at 40: An Oral History of Their Awesomely Bizarre Beach Party Breakthrough ‘Rock Lobster’!

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I can remember playing my B-52’s CASSETTES until the tape almost broke! I have always loved them and when I saw a feature article talking about their 40th anniversary tour with co-headliners Culture Club I had to feature it myself!

They say that if you give a monkey infinite time with a typewriter, eventually it would produce the complete works of Shakespeare. The same could never happen with “Rock Lobster.”

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 Here’s a classic interview from Rolling Stone about the B-52’s from 1980!  

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About the B-52s! Click Here!

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