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The Jennifer Steele Show

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Welcome to another week! Did you ever want to own your own TOWN? Suddenly it’s become almost affordable! If you don’t mind a few ghosts running around! (And not the friendly Disney kind either is my guess!) Also, what IS Prince Harry’s last name anyway?? Continue reading for info on both of these stories & bonus- Puppy pics guaranteed to make you smile!

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A Historic Ghost Town in California Is Up for Sale!

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For just shy of $1 million, a ghost town in California’s majestic Inyo Mountains could be yours. Cerro Gordo, a 19th-century mining town that served as the “silver thread” to Los Angeles, is now up for sale via Bishop Real Estate in Bishop, California! For more info Click Here! Or Here! 

What’s Prince Harry’s Last Name, Anyway?Image result for Prince Harry Clipart

Did you ever wonder? So did I and I thought I’d share this story! It’s a great explanation!

Click Here!


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Here’s a definite smile for your Monday!  New research shows that looking at pictures of puppies will make you more productive after lunch! 

Here are some hilarious puppy fails that will leave you howling for more! 

  Click here for more cuteness!! 


Weekday Warriors

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Front Street Brewfest in Sacramento

June 16, 2018Saturday  12:00 PM Front Street Shelter

2127 Front Street
Sacramento, California 95818


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