The Jennifer Steele Show * 6/22/18

The Jennifer Steele Show


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National Take Your Dog to Work Day - Friday After Father's Day

If I would have realized this sooner, I would have brought Jack to work with me! My German Pointer/White Lab & my best buddy! So in honor of Jack & all dogs everywhere today’s blog will be about DOGS!

image1.jpegThis is Jack doing his other job, which is hanging out with me!




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Before we begin, here is what the sun will look like tomorrow

when it is 106 in Sacramento-

Why Bringing Your Dog to Work Can Be Great for (Almost) Everyone!

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Weekday Dogs in the workplace provide more social support for employees, as well as more opportunities for coworkers to interact in a positive setting, according to a number of studies. Social support, or that feeling of being cared for, also serves as “a key factor in whether people with serious mental illness return to work or remain employed,” according to a May 2017 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.Warriors.

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Dogs Facts

Weekday Warriors

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Doggy Dash 2018- 25th Anniversary Fundraiser for the SPCA!

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