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Image result for stick person blogger clipartPaul McCartney gets a little silly but for a great cause! Also, Def Leppard’s new Christmas video & the always entertaining Keith Richard’s!! Have a great rest of your day!

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On his 75th birthday, a look at Keith Richards’ outlandish, quirky quotes over the years!

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Keith Richards, guitarist and founding member of the Rolling Stones, turns 75 Tuesday. The British musician has blessed his audience with his music and shown his complexity with his words. In celebration of his 75 years, take a look at some of his more popular quotes, including many on his infamous drug use, music and the Stones:

“If you’re going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use two feet.” – a line from Richards’ memoir, Life in 2010.

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DEF LEPPARD Releases Music Video For Original Holiday Song ‘We All Need Christmas’!

DEF LEPPARD has released an official music video for its new Christmas single titled “We All Need Christmas”. A delicate acoustic ballad, the track proves fireside-ready with its uplifting, hopeful spirit and sense of seasonal soul….

Paul McCartney, Emma Stone Take Aim at Bullying With ‘Who Cares’ Short-

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Paul McCartney and Emma Stone get surreal for a good cause in the short film inspired by McCartney’s new anti-bullying song “Who Cares,” which held its premiere Sunday night at Beverly Hills’ Fine Arts Theater.

In the short directed by Brantley Guitierrez (a longtime McCartney tour photographer) and choreographer Ryan Heffington, the music legend and the A-lister romp around in a black-and-white dance number with mime-like dancers and harlequins on hand-drawn minimalist sets. The film is designed to kick off the anti-bullying social media campaign dubbed “#WhoCaresIDo” backed by numerous non-profit orgs, including Creative Visions Foundation, Artemis Rising and Blue Chip Foundation. See more here! 

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