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So much to talk about today! Looking for something to do in Sacramento tonight? See below! Plus Eddie Murphy brings back an endearing 80’s movie character and How to cut calories in your fav Starbuck’s drinks! Whew! Enjoy!

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A sequel to the 1988 comedy classic Coming to America is officially in the works, with Eddie Murphy set to reprise his role as Akeem and Craig Brewer (Empire, Hustle & Flow) poised to direct.

Reported by Deadline, Paramount Pictures, the studio responsible for the original film, is looking to feature much of the original cast in the film, which includes Arsenio Hall as Akeem’s aide Semmi, Shari Headley as Akeem’s love interest Lisa McDowell, John Amos as her father Cleo McDowell, and James Earl Jones as Akeem’s father Jaffe Joffer, king of Zamunda. Click here for more! 

Here’s a clip from the original!

Coming to America – Funny Arrival Scene


How To Cut Calories From Your Coffee Order, According To Starbucks’ Baristas!

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There are generally two kinds of coffee drinkers: Those who order black coffee, always, and those who like their coffee sweet and creamy. If you fall into the latter camp, you may occasionally wonder how much your coffee habit is doing for your health.

For easy ways to cut calories from your order, read on to find tips straight from the horse’s mouth—a.k.a., that Starbucks baristas of Silverton Village, a new store opened in Las Vegas. Click Here! 

Yelp’s List of The 10 Most Fun Things to Do in Sacramento On A Friday Night!

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Click Here!  


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