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Happy Monday! What if you could get paid to cruise around the world and post on social media about it? Also what is the shelf life of a Mickey D’s Fry & Oreo IS Giving Away a Limited Edition Xbox! Whew! That’s a lot of info for you to enjoy- so ENJOY!

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Watch the Super Bowl commercials in the order they aired! Click here! 


What is the half-life of a McDonald’s French fry?

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You have this many minutes to consume McDonald’s French fries before they’re inedible! Click Here! 


Oreo Giving Away a Limited Edition Xbox One X System, But Don’t Eat It!

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A new Oreo-oriented giveaway is set to kick off, providing a number of one-of-a-kind goodies that will be given away from February 4 through National Oreo Day on March 6. (It’s not a holiday, but it darn well should be.) Click here for more! 


Cruise giant Royal Caribbean is offering $136,000 for someone to travel the world and post on social media!

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For many people, a job is merely a way to fund their travels, and they never seem to have enough days of holiday.

If this sounds familiar, your dream job may have just become available.   Cruise company Royal Caribbean is looking for a new employee to sail round the globe, documenting their experiences on social media. Click here! 


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