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Personally, I’m not a fan of April Fools Day Pranks, however if you must….. In preperation of Monday, I have a link to some harmless pranks  below that you could try. The key is that no one gets hurt and they remain silly! Read on!

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46% of People Say April Fools’ Pranks are “Annoying”

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April Fools’ Day is on Monday . . . and for about half of us, it’s the Super Bowl of annoyingness.

According to a new survey, 46% of people say they think April Fools’ Day pranks are ANNOYING.  42% say they’re amusing.

And 12% of people weirdly have made it this far in life without formulating a positive or negative opinion.


Safe April Fools’ Pranks

April Fools Day

A good April Fools’ prank makes everyone laugh, even the person who’s the target of the prank. The key to pulling off a great prank is making sure no one is harmed by it. The following pranks will provide some April Fools’ fun without compromising anyone’s safety.

Click here for ideas! 



The Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time!



OK, I gotcha… click here! For real! LOL

Have an entertaining and safe April Fool’s Day!



7 at 7

7 songs. 1 theme.

That pretty much sums it up!

Each weeknight at 7:00, I play 7 songs that fit some theme. What’s the theme? Listen at 7 to find out and listen along. The funnest part is trying to guess which songs we might play that fit the theme!

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