Wahhhh… Stop Complaining about the Hall of Fame Nominees

It happens every year. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announces who the nominees are, and then the debates begin.

“Pop music doesn’t belong in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

“Notorious B.I.G. isn’t real music.”

“What’s a Depeche Mode?”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a private organization that can do what they want. The thing to keep in mind is they are simply celebrating and recognizing music. If they want to acknowledge all types of music–including hip hop and EDM–then so be it. You can use it as an opportunity to open your mind to the fact that there are many types of music. Rather than judging an artist you’ve never given any attention to, maybe go listen to some of their music. Or simply understand that other people can like other music. But please, let’s keep it as a celebration and acknowledge of music talent. That is the purpose of the organization. And I’m sure you can agree that musical talent deserves recognition and appreciation as with any other art form.

The coolest part is that you can still help decide who should be inducted. Cast your vote here.

To see the full list of this year’s nominees, click here.

Article by Rico.

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