Hot Sauce, The Most Hated Thanksgiving Dish & Underrated Beers!

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Calling All Hot Sauce Lovers, Tabasco Just Added a New Flavor!

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Tabasco is quite possibly one of the most ubiquitous hot sauces in the world, found in bubbling pots of gumbo, dashed onto scrambled eggs from diners… It’s not too surprising the peppery hot sauce has found world domination- As good as the original Tabasco sauce is, however, there’s always room for innovation. Enter the newest flavor produced by the Tabasco brand- Click here to see! 

Can you guess the most hated Thanksgiving food?

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Through Instacart, The Harris Poll surveyed over 2,000 Americans on which holiday food they hate the most! Coming in at 28% was Cranberry Sauce with half of the people saying it is disgusting! Click here for more!! 

The 15 Most Underrated Beers in the World! 

Image result for beer clipartHardly a week goes by anymore that isn’t accompanied by a beer release hailed as the next best thing. Brewers from across the country were asked to name a beer they consider underrated. The results run the gamut of styles, and include at least a few surprising answers. When was the last time you had one of these beers? Click here to see! 


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