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Eating Banana Skins Has Health Benefits-

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Bananas are known to be a superfood, but it turns out the skins are great for you too! We already know that eating bananas can help prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as aid weight loss and it looks like they can also add these benefits!

  • 20-percent more vitamin B6
  • 20-percent more vitamin C
  • It boosts your potassium and magnesium
  • You get more fiber
  • Green skins are rich in tryptophan (good for sleep) and resistance starch which helps gut health
  • Yellow skin is loaded with antioxidants


One Hotline Will Recommend A Book For Everyone On Your Holiday List!

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Penguin Books is back with their gift-giving hotline. Modeled after the famous Butterball Hotline, the Penguin Hotline takes the time to pick out the perfect book for your loved ones. All you do is fill out a form explaining a bit about the person you’re shopping for and a few days later you get the recommendation via email! The Penguin Hotline starts Tuesday and runs for two weeks. To receive a personalized recommendation, go to and complete the form.


Hasbro releases nightmarish ‘longer’ version of Monopoly-

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The board game of your nightmares is here. Nobody asked for this take on Hasbro’s iconic capitalist board game, but it’s now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon: a longer version of Monopoly! 

Monopoly Longest Game Ever costs $19.99 and endless, irredeemable hours of players’ lives. LOL.


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