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The Top Gun: Maverick trailer is a great excuse for Tom Cruise and aerial stunts! 

 After lots of talk and false starts, Top Gun 2 aka Top Gun: Maverick, hits theaters in the summer of 2020.  Check it out below!



Beer Myth Debunked! 

Image result for beer can clipartTapping on the sides or top of a beer can is a time-tested tradition that allegedly helps calm the flood of fizz that spews forth after it’s opened. Lots of people do it, perhaps just out of habit, but does it really work? Science finally has the answer. A team of scientists out of the University of Denmark conducted an experiment using over 1,000 cans of beer which were conveniently donated by a beer company. 

The end result? It turns out that tapping a can before opening it does literally nothing. It doesn’t save any beer from being lost during the opening process, regardless of whether or not the can was shaken beforehand or not.

Poison and NSync = Nothin But  a Good Time!! 

Bret Michaels was joined by members of *NSYNC during a recent performance at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Winterfest in Hollywood, Fla. Singers Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick —  shared the stage with Michaels for a special rendition of Poison‘s classic track “Nothin’ But a Good Time”. Watch below!

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