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Uber Pet launches in Chicago-

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Disneyland Resort Raises Prices on Tickets, Adds More Tiers on 1-Day Tickets..

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Overnight, the Disneyland Resort raised prices on park tickets and annual passes, with increases on tickets in the 3-5% range. Disneyland also adjusted their 1-day tickets, moving from a three tiered system to a five tiered system.

The Value, Regular, and Peak pricing are gone, in favor of Tier 1 through Tier 5. The lowest 1-day 1-park adult ticket remains at $104, while the highest price ticket sold on the parks’ busiest days went from $149 to $154.


The 10 Best Movie Theme Songs From The 80s!

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The 80s were filled with iconic movies, which held up to a varying degree. The same goes for their soundtracks. A good movie in the 80s needed a good theme song, some of which are timeless, but a lot of which are incredibly dated. But some have gone down in history as some of the most iconic songs of all time. Click here! 


7 songs. 1 theme.

That pretty much sums it up! Have an idea for a theme? Click Here! 


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