Things To Do While Stuck Indoors


So it’s looking more and more like we may be stuck in our houses for a LOT of the next two weeks . . . maybe more.

And while you’ll be spending a lot of that time taking care of kids, working, and trying not to go crazy, you’ll also have some free time when normally you would’ve gone out and done something.  So, what will you do in the house instead?

Below are the results of our survey that asked people what they’re going to do if they’re stuck inside for two weeks and beyond. Maybe they’ll give you some ideas.

1.  Watch TV and movies, 35%.

2.  Finally read more books, 15%.

3.  Mess around on the Internet, 12%.

4.  Spend quality family time, 8%.

5.  Do a hobby like knitting or painting, 7%.

6.  Use social media, 5%.

7.  Learn a new skill, 3%.

8.  Talk to people on the phone, 2%.