Safer Grocery Shopping


Ways To Make Your Shopping Safer

You may be wondering how to find what you need from the store, get it safely and keep social distancing. Here are some ideas…

Shop Less Frequently and buy enough groceries for a couple weeks. When you shop, keep your six feet of distance from other shoppers.

Sanitize your hands before and after leaving the store. Most stores have wipes available, but bring your own in case they’re out.

Make a list and stick to it. This will reduce the amount of time you’re in the store. Make your list in order of where items are so you don’t have to make several trips through the store to get everything.

Use delivery if your local store offers it. Many grocery stores are changing the way they operate from day to day. Check in with your stores and see if they have added delivery.

Use a delivery app like Instacart, Google Shopping, Amazon Fresh or others. Pro tip: Be available by phone when your person shops for you. If the store is out of something, they might text you other options.

Curbside pickup is another option that many grocery stores are beginning to offer.

Check your store for senior hours to take advantage of the less crowded shopping if you fit the criteria, or when you are able to shop if you don’t.

Out of protein? If your store is out of meat, check in with a local butcher.

Shop your local farmer’s market to stay in the open air, just remember to keep social distancing.