Girl Scout Cookies Now Available On-Line!

Girl Scout Cookie Now Available On-Line!

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Finding a Girl Scout to buy cookies from can be a terribly trying process. If you don’t have a small cousin or a boss with a Girl Scout daughter, chances are you’re stuck frequenting your local grocery store on Saturday or Sunday with the hopes that a table of kind cookie sellers will be waiting by the exit.

Unfortunately, the current pandemic doesn’t help your chances. We have great news for you. If you’re already craving Thin Mints, or know a peanut butter cup can’t compare to a heavenly Tagalong, it’s time to connect to WiFi and order some cookies directly to your home.

You can buy any type of Girl Scout cookies online now, and the money will benefit a local troop of your choice.

The first step is to visit the Girl Scout website here.  Happy eating!

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