Sunday’s Good News

thank you


After a long 12-hour shift at Massachusetts General Hospital, a cardiac nurse drove down her street and was welcomed by signs from her neighbors thanking her. They left 14 handmade signs for Paige Colombo each with messages of support and gratitude thanking her and other front line medical workers for their sacrifice. (source)


The wife of an ER doctor started a Facebook group to connect people in the medical profession who need to quarantine with people willing to lend their RVs. It’s called “RVs for MDs” and have made hundreds of matches so far. It allows doctors and nurses to stay near their families without exposing them to the coronavirus. (source)



A group of Oklahoma high school students saw a man drowning in a city lake and jumped in to save him. The five teen girls swam about 600 yards to rescue the 83-year-old man. He had fallen out of his boat and was thankful and told his young heroes that he loved them. (source)