Good News Tuesday!



Someone in Massachusetts spent $5,000 on gift cards to cover ALL the groceries bought during a store’s “senior citizen hours” on Saturday. (source)


A customer at a restaurant in Houston left a $1,000 tip on a $19 takeout order, and the employees CHEERED when they found out.  The owner says it’s a regular, and he called to let them know how much it lifted people’s spirits. (source)



A photographer in Minnesota is doing family portraits for people on their porches . . . and he’s calling them “Porchtraits.”  In the past few weeks, he’s gone to 150 houses and taken free family photos for random people, all while social distancing. (source)


A landlord in New Jersey who owns 12 different buildings isn’t charging rent until July.  All he asks is that his tenants pay it forward by supporting local businesses. (source)



A group of high school students in Canada created a free hotline to help cheer up senior citizens who are stuck in isolation.  It’s full of pre-recorded jokes and uplifting messages from kids.  The number is 1-877-JOY-4ALL. (source)


Chef Matt Jozwiak has been feeding thousands of New Yorkers every week with his nonprofit Rethink Food and now he’s expanding to serve more. They’re adding food trucks, which will deliver meals to hospital workers. This week the first food truck rolls out, bringing 500 free meals to healthcare workers every day and they’ll be adding more to serve more hospitals. (source)


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