Tuesday’s Good News



A milk maker in Wisconsin put a refrigerator outside with free gallons of milk for anyone to take.  The owner says his daughters came up with the idea, and they refill it every few hours. (story)


Here’s some good instant karma:  The owner of a pizza place in Florida gave two free slices to a guy who didn’t have any money.  Then a few minutes later, someone walked in to pick up an order, and insisted on overpaying by an extra $1,000. (story)



A community in Indianapolis held a big welcome-home parade for a guy who beat the virus just months after beating cancer. (story)


The guy who invented N95 face masks in 1992 has come out of retirement to figure out a better way to sterilize them, so they’re easier to reuse. (story)



Last month, more than 40 factory workers in Pennsylvania decided to quarantine together at work, so they could make face mask fabric nonstop, around the clock.  They just went home to their families after an epic 28-day work shift. (story)


An Iowa woman is on a mission to make face masks and give them away to anyone who wants one. Deb Siggins is sewing masks for local hospitals and for friends and family and now she’s putting her creations on a tree for people to grab. She estimates she’s made over 400 and plans to keep sewing them “until the need isn’t needed anymore.” (story)

homemade mask


The Angeles are paying more than $1.2-million to game-day workers at Angel Stadium who now have no games to work. The MLB team says it will provide a one-time cash grant to over 18-hundred workers. Eligible workers include ticket takers, ushers, janitors, security and concession staff. (story)