Wednesday’s Good News



A 31-year-old guy in Virginia had enough money to get by.  So he held an online drawing for people who lost their jobs, and gave his entire $1,200 stimulus check to a guy he’d never met. (story)


A woman in Iowa has been sewing together hundreds of reusable masks, and hanging them on a tree in her town for anyone to take. (story)

homemade mask


A college student from Italy was stuck in Spain all alone, but didn’t have money to get home.  So a cab driver dove her a thousand miles for free. (story)


The 99-year-old guy who raised over $30 million by walking across his back patio turns 100 next week.  And he’s already received over 25,000 birthday cards in the mail. (story)



Through May 5th, McDonald’s is giving out free “Thank You Meals” to first responders and healthcare workers across the country. (story)


A bridal shop in Virginia is looking out for brides-to-be working on the front lines of the coronavirus. Ava Clara Couture Bridal is giving away 75 wedding dresses to medical professionals working in hospitals. Qualifying healthcare workers can register on the shop’s website to get a free dress at an in-store event on August 16th. (story)

fast food


World Central Kitchen is starting a new program that will help reopen hundreds of restaurants. It will pay 400 restaurants to reopen and get laid-off employees back to work. The restaurants will feed people in need across the country. (story)


A California man accidentally hit someone’s car while parking and left a note offering to pay for the scratch. Casey Neistat got a text from the stranger telling him not to worry about the scratch and to donate the money to a food bank instead. So he gave $250 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank in the name of “Mr. Scratched Car.” (story)


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