Tuesday Good News



Three teenagers in Texas built a site called BigAndMini.org that makes it easier for seniors to hang out with young people on Zoom. (story


A nurse in Texas couldn’t get to work because her battery died.  So a random guy in her apartment complex tossed her the keys to his Prius and told her to take it.  Then while she was at work, he had her battery looked at . . . and filled her tank with gas. (story)



Two Jewish kids in Houston realized yarmulkes work pretty well as face masks.  So they have been collecting hundreds of them this month, and sewing elastic bands on. (story)


A nonprofit is on a mission to get New York City’s homeless population the essentials they need during the pandemic. Volunteers with Backpacks For The Street are handing out bags loaded with food, water, toiletries, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. They’ve given out 12-hundred backpacks in the last three weeks alone. (story)