Monday’s Good News



The CEO of an apartment operating company called The Connor Group made $1.6 million in the stock market and decided to divide it up among all of his essential employees like property managers and maintenance workers. (story)


The U.S. military’s germ warfare research division may have just figured out how to do an early test that will detect if a person has caught coronavirus within 24 hours . . . the tests right now can only detect it when a person’s had it for four days. (story)



While a global pandemic isn’t exactly the way we’d want to achieve something like this, global greenhouse gas emissions are projected to be down almost 8% this year . . . an all-time record. (story)


A 15-year-old girl in Texas has collected 12,000 protective masks for hospital staffs. (story)



A Texas high school principal visited the home of every single member of the senior class at home. Virdie Montgomery spent 12 days driving the 800 miles it took to get to all 612 homes. He wore a face mask to stay safe while taking selfies with the students and shared the photos on social media. (story)


Farms in upstate New York have donated thousands of pounds of food to New York City. The donations include 17-hundred gallons of milk, 300 pounds of beef, 14-thousand pounds of onions and 20-thousand apples. The donations were distributed to families at Senator Jessica Ramos’ office over the weekend. (story)