Victory Gardens Are Back!

Do you think gardening is too hard?

Have you thought of planting a Victory garden during this odd time? It could be an easy way for you and your family to get the freshest, most nutrient dense food, while saving a trip to the grocery store. 

Back in the day, these wartime gardens were veggie, fruit and herb gardens at private residences and public parks during WW1 and WW2. Many countries grew them to ensure they had food but also to boost morale. Gardening can be very peaceful and fun, especially with kids involved.

Sometimes it feels like we’re at war but with a virus. While you’re staying closer to home, it would be the perfect time to plant and grow food. Have you ever tasted a homegrown tomato? You won’t want to buy from the grocery store ever again.

You don’t have to plant EVERYTHING and overwhelm yourself. Start by thinking about what your family loves to eat and go from there. You can plant in pots, boxes, containers, or right into the ground! I bought some new boxes and show you how easy they were to put together in my video.

If you have any questions, comment on this post. I’d be happy to help!