Saturday’s Good News

3D printer


A kid in California is making good use of his time and computer skills since school closed. Jayden Fadrigon is now creating 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers on the frontlines and local churches. The nine-year-old and his father have made 100 of them so far and plan to continue. (story)


Roger Federer is not only arguably the best tennis player in history, but he also has a golden heart. He has helped children by donating $1 million to feed 64,000 vulnerable kids when schools are closed because of the Coronavirus. (story)


Black Puppy


Dr. Stewart Kwane is a heroic veterinarian who is making a real difference in the world. He’s known as “The Street Vet” because of the amazing work he’s doing to help the pets of California’s homeless population.  Dr. Kwane quickly realized that there was a great demand for his services, and now he spends his weekends walking around and offering his services free of charge. (story)