Tuesday’s Good News



After a break-in at his pizza shop, restaurant owner Chamal Kahanawita decided to offer help to people in need. He is offering to feed anyone who can’t put food on the table in the coming months. His message is getting lots of support from the community and drumming up new customers, too. (story)


A Hawaiian woman has been struggling to feed her family of 12 since she lost her job because of the coronavirus. Herminia Urmatan headed to a food bank six hours before it started to make sure she didn’t miss out. Since then, her community has organized a food drive for her family and she now has supplies to last a month. (story)



A 15-year-old in Pennsylvania is looking out for seniors in nursing homes during quarantine. Hita Gupta has been volunteering at a facility for over a year and was heartbroken when coronavirus put her visits on hold. Now she’s making goodie bags for the residents filled with puzzles, coloring books, and an encouraging note. (story)