Friday Is Full Of Good News



A medical school student started a group to distribute face masks to those who need them most. Mask Transit is now run by a team of student volunteers in Boston, New Haven, and New York. They’ve given away 5-thousand free masks so far to essential workers, the homeless and under-served communities. (story)


A Florida couple who have been married 73 years know what it takes to stay together for the long haul. Joe and Yolanda Tenaglio each have their own idea about the secret to a long, happy marriage. She says it’s communication and he says it’s “the two famous words” – Yes, dear. (story)



The Quinn family loves the show “Survivor” and has been using it to help them split up chores. For the past month, they’ve been doing tribal council-style votes to see who gets stuck washing the dishes after dinner. They’re going viral on TikTok, where a video of the event has gotten 1.7-million views. (story)