Sunday’s Good News



America now has its OWN World War Two vet walking for charity.  Captain Tom Moore raised millions in the U.K. last month.  Now a 99-year-old in Oregon named Bud Lewis is doing it.  He’s raising money for a charity called the Sunshine Division by walking 100 laps around a track before his 100th birthday in August. (story)


A 7-year-old in Wisconsin was planning a lemonade stand before everything shut down.  So she launched a virtual one with coupons, and it’s raising TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for charity.  Enough to feed over 600 families a week. (story)



A guy in Belgium who has access to a crane has been taking it to nursing homes, so people can visit family members at their windows on high floors.  He was driving by a home recently . . . saw a guy yelling up to his mom from the sidewalk . . . and realized he could help. (story)