3 Ways To Reuse Old Coffee Grounds

Love, Heart, Romance, Passion, Valentine, Coffee, BeanAfter brewing your morning cup of coffee, you probably just throw away the grounds right? Little did you know that coffee grounds hold all kinds of magical properties! OK well, they at least can perform some neat tricks…

#1 – Get Rid Of Fleas. Fleas HATE the smell of coffee so you can rub coffee grounds on your furry best friend to ward them off. (They are not however, meant to deal with a current flea situation.)

#2- Pest Control. Much like fleas; ants, roaches & mosquitoes don’t like the smell of coffee grounds either, Sprinkle them around to be pest free!

#3- Remove furniture scratches. Rubbing coffee grounds into dents and nicks can help remove discoloration! 

So the next time you make a cup of coffee, think twice before you throw away the grounds!

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