Friday’s Good News



The Concord Baptist Church of Christ in Brooklyn has helped erase $4-million in medical debt for thousands of people. Church members paid $35-thousand to RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that forgives medical debts. They were able to wipe out the medical debt for 45-hundred people with the donation. (story)


A car wash employee found a $1,200 stimulus check in the trash and made sure it got back to its owner. Antonio spotted the check and a bill with the recipient’s address in the garbage and his daughter helped return it. That wasn’t easy to do as the man had moved, and he’s grateful for their efforts to get it to him. (story)



A man in China climbed up a building with his bare hands to save a five-year-old girl six stories up. He’s being called a real-life “Spider-Man” for rescuing the girl, who had climbed out a window while home alone. His employer rewarded him with a new apartment for his actions. (story)

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