Sunday Good News

Child coloring


A children’s book author named Rob Biddulph has been offering free art lessons on YouTube during the pandemic.  And he just set a world record for largest online art lesson.  He was trying to get 10,000 people to sign on at once, and ended up with over 45,000.  (You can watch the lesson here.)


A baker in Minneapolis is putting the comfort in comfort food and sharing it with her community. Rose McGee has been baking her famous Sweet Potato Comfort Pies and gave them away at a George Floyd memorial. She started the pie project back in 2014 after the police shooting of Michael Brown and since then she’s been giving away her pies around the U.S. after acts of violence targeting the black community.



A baseball player is giving back to those working with COVID-19 patients in his community. Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor has donated 150 pairs of sneakers to hospital workers in Cleveland. In a message to the staff at Marymount Hospital he says, “I just wanted to help a little bit to make you guys a little more comfortable.”