Hot To Stay Cool On A Hot Summer Night

Sleeping Woman

It's Officially Summer!

I don’t know about you but I have a really hard time sleeping well in the summer. It’s just that time of year when we wake up, toss and turn and try to roll over while realizing our pillow is stuck to our face.  These tips can help you stay cool so you can snooze better.

  • Trade in your regular pillows for cooling, foam ones – The National Sleep Foundation says a lower physical temperature naturally promotes sleep, so bringing down your body heat can improve your summer slumber. The point between your skull and neck that contains that part of the brain responsible for sensing and maintaining body temperature can cool quickly with a cooling foam pillow.
  • Try sheets made from light and airy fabrics – Swap heavier fabrics like polyester, wool, and even certain cottons that add to the sweat-inducing conditions for breathable linen-blend sheets.
  • Keep water by your bed – Staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature and you can cool yourself off as you nod off by sipping water since it helps release stored heat inside your body.
  • A little imagination helps fans make a real difference – It’s all about the position and set-up of the fans to get the most out of them. Try putting a room fan in front of a bowl filled with ice and as the ice melts, the breeze distributes the water vapor so you get a nice waft of cool air.
  • Unplug those electronics and change your light bulbs – Incandescent light bulbs are the most popular in the U.S., but they actually transmit as much heat as light. So during the summer, swap them out for LEDs or compact fluorescents, which are more energy efficient and produce less heat. And keeping electronics connected to power sources also generates heat, so unplug when you can to help things stay cooler.