Vegetables Are Beautiful!

Moody Beets Stamped

Mother Nature sure knows her way around a canvas...

You may have heard that I’m a garden nerd. I grew up helping my parents in the family’s veggie garden every summer and still love to grow my own vegetables today, for both nutrition and flavor. I also have a love for photography so now I’ve added another passion into the mix. I planted a variety of beet seeds a few months ago and yesterday was the perfect time to pick the first batch and have a little afternoon photoshoot. The beets were dinner last night; roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper and they were delicious! The carrots are purple carrots I grew from seed too. I’ll have to find a new recipe for them and chow down. It feels good to be in touch with gardening and my roots! Are you growing anything this year?

Droppin Beets Stamped
Purple Carrots What Stamped