Stay Healthy: Most & Least Risky Activities

How risky was the stuff you did over Fourth of July weekend? A group of infectious disease experts ranked a bunch of activities by how risky they are.

They looked at four key factors:  Is it in an enclosed space?  How long do you interact with other people?  Are there crowds?  And is there “forceful exhalation,” meaning things like yelling or singing?

Low Risk Activities

Staying home

Walking, running, or biking

Having a socially distanced picnic

Picking up takeout or groceries

Low to medium risk

Grocery shopping

Retail shopping

Playing “distanced” sports outside, like tennis or golf

Medium risk

Outdoor restaurants


Taking a taxi or Uber/Lyft

Doctor or dentist appointment

Visiting an E.R.

Medium to high risk

Exercising at a gym

Working in an office

Indoor restaurants and coffee shops

Getting your hair or nails done.

High risk

Indoor parties

Contact sports

Bars and nightclubs

Public transportation



Religious services

Movie theaters

Live sporting events

Of course, any of these activities done while practicing physical distancing will help lower the risk of illness being spread. If those around you are wearing a mask, that is protecting you as well. Consider wearing a mask to return the favor. Face coverings are required in many parts of Northern California anyway.