Spreading The Love


I love this story!

An Ohio man vacationing in Virginia Beach spread some love and positivity on this trip, thanks to the Venmo Challenge. Dan Pew found out about it on TikTok and explains that it’s where you ask your social media followers to donate money to you through Venmo so you can pay it forward and surprise a food service worker with a fat tip.

Pew was inspired by the videos of people shocking servers with big tips, so he put the challenge out there and racked up hundreds of dollars in just a few days. Then while dining at Commune in Virginia Beach, he surprised his server, Aubrey Seykerbuyk, with a $650 tip.

The waitress says the extra money couldn’t have come at a better time. “My vision has been clouded by so much negativity just by everything going on recently,” she explains, “and that little glimmer of kindness that I received yesterday was just enough to remind me that there are still good people in this world and we need more of them.”