Bezos’ Ex Wife Is Already Spending Billions… On Charity


What would you do if money was no object?

He probably didn’t enjoy losing $38 BILLION in his divorce last year.  But it’s already being put to good work.

Jeff’s ex-wife MacKenzie posted on Medium.com yesterday, and revealed she’s already given $1.7 BILLION of that money to charity.

Their divorce immediately made her the third richest woman in the world.  And last year, she pledged to give the majority of her wealth away.  So now she’s making good on that promise.

She posted a list of issues she’s tackling first, along with a dollar amount for each one.  Here are the causes she says she’s already given to . . .

$587 MILLION to fight racial inequality . . . $400 million for economic mobility . . . $133 million for gender issues . . . $130 million for global development . . . $128 million for public health . . . $125 million to fight climate change . . . $46 million to LGBTQ charities . . . and another $127 million for other causes.

She also revealed she’s dropping the name “Bezos” and using her middle name instead.  So she’s MacKenzie Scott now.  (Before she got married, she was MacKenzie Tuttle.)